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DEVELOP organized Roadshow for Education segment

01 Dec 2016

PT ASABA Develop Brand has organized Roadshow Education. The event themes was “How to Make a Book with Digital Technologies.” This Roadshow was held two times already; First, on August in Jakarta, Second, on November in Yogyakarta. Attended by Universities and customers invitation.

Develop start focus to be part and to work on the education segment, because Develop aims to open business opportunity from Educational background business and to motivate University to have digital copier and printing in house. The roadshow presented demo of Production Printing Machine ineo+ 1060 Degas and Multifunction Printing Black and White ineo+ 1100. Our team also sharing about how to make a book with our machine, so all the lecturers at University can write and make their own book in University press.

For the future, this Roadshow will be held all around Indonesia.

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