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Sarasa Clip

  • Retractable, water-based, pigment gel ink
  • Smooth writing pen equipped with a binder clip
  • Recycled material is used for 70% of the total product weight out of consideration for the environment.
  • Available in 0.5 mm fine point, 0.7 mm medium point, and 1.0 bold point.
Barrel colour
For 0.5 mm Black, Blue, Red, Blue Black, Green, Pink, Orange, Pale Blue, Light Blue, Light Green (New Colour : Yellow, Brown, Violet, Light Pink, Gray, Blue Green, Magenta)
For 0.7 mm Blue Black, Black, Blue, Red (New Colour : Brown, Violet, Biligian, Magenta)
For 1.0 mm Blue Black, Black, Blue, Red (New Colour : Bronze, Silver, Gold)
Ink colour matches grip colour
Refill JF Refill 0.5 (BK,BL,RD,BB)
JF Refill 0.7 (BK,BL,RD)
JF Refill 1.0 (BK,BL)

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